The Spitting Image
The Spitting Image


A little more about us.

"We all see the same thing totally differently."
Larry Hama

We create by embracing that difference.
We are two halves of a single mind.
Complementary skillsets complementing dueling perspectives.

And when we're done, you'll see the difference.




Conceive / Create

Everything starts with an idea. The lightbulb. The Eureka! The monad from which we all see the same thing differently. Every aspect of every project always returns to the idea, which imbues it with meaning and power. That forms the foundational basis of all the work we do. Without it, even the greatest creative is meaningless.

To what end the idea? Dreams without any form are forgotten. Our well-rounded approach to translating those big ideas into tangible, real creative results in a finished product that embodies the spirit and strategy of those big, formless ideas. The Spitting Image, if you will.  We create meaning from nothingness.



Los Angeles / New York City