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Making It Up As I Go Along: The Story of Larry Hama Documentary

“I’ve been faking it all my life.”
Larry Hama



A Zen Parable.

Larry has been in comics for more than forty years and is responsible for, among others, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Wolverine, The ‘Nam and Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja. But it doesn’t just stop there, either. Larry has been a writer, penciler, editor, actor, musician, activist and much more. He’s a regular Renaissance Man. And we were given the unique opportunity of finding out what really makes him tick, what motivates him and what he gets out of all of it.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve read comic books. They helped shape our imaginations and develop our abstract thinking skills. You have to fill in the blanks – the stuff between the panels is yours to run wild with.  Comic book artist Neal Adams called this the space where the magic happens. We’ll buy that. So imagine our surprise when the Asian / Pacific / American Institute at NYU asked us to make a documentary about the one and only Larry Hama.